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We are a bunch of book lovers who write book reviews in this blog.

The books we review are across different genres. So pick what you like and read along. We also aim to expand this family and share others’ stories. So, please feel free to write to us. We welcome you with an open mind and we would love to listen out to you. Write out to us at, we reply soon!

Meet our team –

 Chirag Kashyap


I am an Android developer from Bengaluru, India. I love books and motorcycles. If I am not coding an awesome app or taking my bike on a hilltop or beside a beach, I read. I like to share my thoughts about my reading experiences. I am looking to build a strong community of book lovers. I believe that books are a way of informal education and must be practised by all literate people.

Sonal Kothari

Being an engineer, I have worked for big firms and then decided to switch to business for my zeal of entrepreneurship. I completed my MBA from the Lion city. I am a newbie at reading with my interest in real and practical based stories. An adventure junkie, willing to take up risk to experience life to the fullest.

Sumedha S

I am a college student studying Engineering and I read in just about all my spare time. I blog and watch Kdramas in the rest. I also like taking and posting pictures of books on Instagram, which feeds the little interest I have in photography.