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We are a bunch of book lovers who write book reviews in this blog.

The books we review are about, but not limited to Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Business Strategy. We also aim to expand this family and share others stories. So, please feel free to write to us. We welcome you with an open mind and we would love to listen you out.

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 Chirag Kashyap


I am an Android developer from Bengaluru, India. I love books and motorcycles. If I am not coding an awesome app or taking my bike on a hilltop or beside a beach, I read. I like to share my thoughts about my reading experiences. I am looking to build a strong community of book lovers. I believe that the books are a way of informal education and must be practiced by all literate people.

Syamili Syam


I am an artist & an adventure jockey from Trivandrum, India. Computer Engineer by degree and photographer by passion. I enjoy writing stories and listening to people. I believe an entirely different world is out there if we all would just take a while to love and find peace in nature.