Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich  by Napoleon Hill

Do you want to be rich? Do you have the ability to think like a rich man? Are you in confusion about how you can use your mind to accumulate the riches you always wanted to have? Then this is the book for you.

The author of this book Napoleon Hill has the opportunity of interviewing the industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  Andrew happens to be the richest man of his time. He introduces Napoleon to his secret formula of success which he believes should be accessible by all. Andrew gives Napoleon the task of studying successful people and their application of the formula. Napoleon Hill dedicates his lifetime to this task. He puts across all his understanding of the formula in a series of books. Think and Grow Rich is his life’s defining work and a must read for those who have a mind and want to use it to think and grow rich.

The Author has put in a lifetime of research to bring out each of his books. This is his most loved one. The book is difficult to understand and apply at once. It will make you read and re read as you flip the pages. If I should quote him, the secret is out there in the open for those who are ready and searching for it. The book is made of thirteen chapters, each of which is a step towards the acquisition and accumulation of riches. They are

  2. FAITH

Each of these chapters speaks about the different steps one needs to take in exercising the power of the mind. The book has been thoughtfully written and well organised. In many places, he insists of you to think and exercise your brain. He gives a step by step procedure to utilize the power of thinking to train your mind to accept and accumulate riches.  Within the thirteen steps mentioned in the book, he talks about how one can attain success in each of these steps.He assists you with proper guide lines as to how you can train your mind for each of those attributes that would ultimately lead you to a fulfilling life of riches. Within each of these chapters, he asks you some difficult questions that you need to answer.

Maybe you don’t need to answer these questions right then and there. But it is a thought that you need to think about. It is a guideline that will make you think in a certain direction. All throughout the book is that secret that was passed down by Andrew Carnegie.  This is a formula that has been tried and tested by the richest people to have lived on the planet in history.  It will come to you. May not be in the initial chapters, but may be eventually as you flip though the pages. I had to stop and put the book down multiple times within each chapter to reflect on my own life and what I could do with this mind of mine.

I have skills, I have an attitude. Moreover, I have a mind that can think. I need to use it to my advantage. I need to use the skills from other people that I don’t have to maximize the value that I create to the society around me. To do something as remarkable as this, I need to understand the secret which makes itself to appear in each chapter of this gem of a book by Napoleon Hill. I was not born to be on this planet just consume its offerings and to lead an ordinary life. The infinite intelligence which some of you might call as GOD did not give you this life to be ordinary. His grace gave you an extraordinary mind which is in your control. If you want to use this mind to accumulate riches, which would enable you to lead a more meaningful life than everybody else, then you need to read Think and Grow Rich.

All of us are slaves of fear. We are haunted by the six ghosts of fear. We are trapped in this world of mediocrity because we are afraid. How do you come out of this trap of fear which forces us into a life of the ordinary? Is there a way to use wit to come out of our fears, which is actually a technique discussed in this book? If you want answers to these questions then you got to pick up this book.

Think and Grow Rich as a book opened my mind to what lies beyond the ordinary. Reading this book made me reflect on the things that were hidden in the depth of my mind. These were the things that I was afraid to give my attention to. It helped me outwit those fears and gave me a whole new dimension and perceptive to life. In fact, it gave me a chance at life, something that is far more exciting and meaningful than sheer existence.

This book is not for the causal readers. It is not for the people who are so lazy that they are busy to stop at the chapters and reflect on their own lives. You need to be prepared for the secret that keeps appearing in front of you as you flip the pages. You, that is, what makes all the difference.

This is a book that I would read again and again. Many times, once every time my mind grows and develops to make a long lasting impact on the world around me. It is a gem in its own right. Maybe you should read it to figure out the power of your mind and your thoughts. It is rich with examples and case studies.

So go pick it up and apply and exercise your mind around the principles it states. Maybe you will also Think and Grow Rich.

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Thank you and Happy Reading


Chiraag Kashyap

05 March 2017

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